There's no place like home.

After a 6 year long journey in Los Angeles, CA acting as front woman and co-writer for Lunden Reign, I've returned home to Iowa City, IA  - and feeling fully revived! I'm very proud of the work I did with my partners out there - the records we made, incredible shows, tour, connections, studios (freakin' Capitol AND Abbey Road!) and so much more. I wouldn't give any of it back for a second. But in the course of living the L.A. life,  I've learned there truly is no place like home and it was time to get back to my roots. I've been doing just that since arriving back home mid-August by way of a beautiful and cathartic 4 day drive across 7 states with my scruffy little mutt, Olive. Currently I am working on getting the new (old) band, Natural Habits, up to speed on 4 hours of material as well as getting my solo show together with my looper and multiple instruments. 

I've recently received my degree in Recording Arts through Los Angeles Film School. I'm well versed in the studio and live setting, both are my favorite! I love the excitement of running sound for live shows, getting to know the eclectic mix of bands that come through and doing everything I can to help them relax and have a great performance. In the studio, grinding on parts until they're perfect (including all our perfect mistakes), setting up mics and getting sounds, twisting knobs, pushing faders... it gives me dirty feelings, HA! The recording process can be meditative for me, I really get into it and it's obvious in both the studio and the club that I'm really in my element. 

My passion is being the musician AND the engineer, but it doesn't have to be at the same time. 

Over the last 20 years I've/we've released a total of 8 records with my Iowa City crew. This includes 2 Trollies, 4 solo, 1 Heinous Canis, and Nikki Lunden Trio live at the Java House. My usual suspects include Natalie Brown - violin, Michael Fett - guitar, Marty Letz - pedal steel, Matt Wright (Euforquestra) - keys, Adam Grosso (Euforqestra) - bass, Dennis Wendt - bass, Seth "Puma" Koenig - drums, and The One and Only Smudge on hand percussion. Of course I add some tasty spices here and there when the song calls for it and we have some really great musicians in the area to call when the opportunity arises. You never know when you need a clarinetist, sax player, hey - even a broom player! Yes, broom. If you listen to "What Am I Doin' Here" (depends on the weather), you will hear Turk McAllister sweepin' away. HA! 

We've got some shows already on the calendar, be sure to check out the shows page for that and be sure to listen and share some of the nostalgic tracks I've put up to tide you over until we get some new stuff recorded and mixed!  Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings. Looking forward to meeting you at a show!