Natural Habits 

IS an original midwestern roots rock band based in Iowa City, Iowa, fronted and led by long time local music icon Nikki Lunden. You are guaranteed to get a rockin' high energy show whether you see the full 5 piece band or the duo with Nikki and Smudge. Nikki and the boys dedication to their music and each other shines in every performance.If your looking to hear some serious songwriting that brings a crooked smile to your face and warmth in your heart, you better get a load of the Habits! 

Our (not-so) newest bandmate is Adam "Dickens"Grosso on keys. Adam started with us back in The Trollies days on bass before  joining Iowa City's powerhouse modern funk and soul band, Euforquestra and touring all over the US, and eventually trading out his bass skills to sit behind the drum kit for the Euf. Grosso masters just about any instrument he puts his hands on and boy are we proud to have him back with us all these years later!

On drums we have my bestie Seth "Puma" Koenig who has played with me for a million years - well ok, its only been 21 but it feels like a lifetime LOL. Puma has been with me since our first band The Trollies (est. 2000) and several other incarnations of my music. Although we've both come and gone from Iowa City here and there, we're forever bandmates and I'll work with no one else when it comes to the drum kit. 

 Then we have our gentle giant Dennis Wendt on bass. Dennis joined Puma and I in the later years of The Trollies and when I decided to come home Dennis was a natural choice for me. I don't think I finished my sentence before he said he'd love to play with us again. 

And of course The One and Only Smudge (Ed Hudgens) on hand percussion. Smudge is my business partner, father in-law (ex) and biggest supporter. Without him, we would not have this great new gear and space to make our music! If you haven't seen him play with us from previous years, you can't miss him rockin' out on his gargantuan percussion set up! He brings such life to the show and some super tasty parts that adds another dimension to our sound. 

Oh yeah, and then there's me! Nikki Lunden is my name and I'm the leader of this band of misfits. I am the lone songwriter of our band and have been a working musician since 1998. I am also bonafide Sound Engineer and can be spotted around Iowa City from time to time sitting behind the console of some rockin' show. I also fronted L.A. based band Lunden Reign for 6 years, whose music and videos and rare experience I am very proud and grateful for. I am blessed to be back in Iowa though, re-establishing my roots back home where I belong. As they say, you can take the girl out of Iowa, but you can't take the Iowa out of the girl!

Keep on Rockin' Ya'll! - Nikki

Currently we're booking dates for: 

Natural Habits - Nikki Lunden - vocals, acoustic guitar & songs, Adam "Dickens" Grosso - keys, Dennis Wendt - bass, Seth "Puma" Koenig - drums, Edward "Smudge" Hudgens - hand percussion

Natural Habits Duo - Nikki & Smudge

Nikki Lunden Solo - One gurrrrrl band.

The Trollies - Nikki "Stick" Lunden, Natalie "Sweet Mango" Brown - violin, Adam "Dickens" Grosso - bass, Seth "Puma" Koenig - drums. (Limited Availability) 

You can reach me directly by email at

Oh yeah, we also do private parties so be sure to reach out if you think the band or my solo sound is just what you're looking for to set the mood :)