Fresh Breaths and Natural Habits

Natural Habits

Hello everyone! My name is Nikki Lunden, I am a singer songwriter and sassy front woman. I write all of our songs - a mixed bag of love songs, heartbreakers, self reflection in what I call "midwestern roots rock" genre. "What the heck is midwestern roots rock?" I can hear you asking yourself with your head tilted sideways. Well let me tell you. It's my own made up style that I define as "not quite country, not quite pop, not quite rock-n-roll." We have flavors of Folk, Pop, Punk, Rock, Americana, Bluegrass and Country but rarely single one of these genres out at a time. We kinda just take all the genres and blend em up together like mashed potatoes! Hope that makes sense to you. HA!  :)

On drums we have my best friend Seth "Puma" Koenig who has played with me for a million years - well ok, its only been 19 but it feels like a lifetime LOL. Puma has been with me since our first band The Trollies (est. 2000) and several other incarnations of my music. Although we've both come and gone from Iowa City here and there, we're forever bandmates and I'll work with no one else when it comes to the drum kit.

 Then we have our gentle giant Dennis Wendt on bass. Dennis joined Puma and I in the later years of The Trollies. When I decided to come home Dennis was a natural choice for me. I don't think I finished my sentence asking him to join in before he said he'd love to play with us again.

And of course The One and Only Smudge (Ed Hudgens) on hand percussion. Smudge is my business partner, father in-law (ex) and biggest supporter. Without him, we would not have this great new gear and space to make our music! If you haven't seen him play with us from previous years, you can't miss him rockin' out on his gargantuan percussion set up! He brings such life to the show and some super tasty parts that adds another dimension to our sound.

Keep on Rockin' Ya'll! <3 Nikki